International book release “The unsinkable dream”

We are very happy to inform you that the autobiography of Ark building Johan Huibers will be released soon!

I picked the book up carefully, blew the dust off of it and opened it. I pored over the first few pages, fascinated. Standing at the huge entrance door of the Ark, Noah and his wife look on as two elephants make their stately way onto the ship. The female looks at Noah as if wanting to thank him for his hospitality and letting him know that the journey to the Ark went well. I leafed on, enjoying beautiful sketches of all kinds of animals. They were actually reproductions of paintings and drawings, but so clear that they looked more like photographs. There were also impressive depictions of rain, water masses, dark skies and a floating wooden chest. Rien Poortvliet, a well-known Dutch draughtsman and painter, had done all the paintings and sketches and written the text. What a beautiful book! I decided to set it to one side so that I could purchase it the next day. Having worked till about midnight, I locked the store and drove home. 

The following morning at 10 o’clock I was back at the store. I told the owner I would like to buy the book by Rien Poortvliet. He said it would have been easy enough for me to have just pinched it, but he appreciated the fact that I wanted to pay for it. I paid him 25 guilders and took the book home. That evening after dinner, I sat on the couch with Deborah and Roy.
Bianca was in the kitchen doing the dishes and Jessica was sitting across from me in her baby bouncer on the ground.

When I produced Rien Poortvliet’s huge book, Deborah and Roy shouted, “Yeahhh! Daddy ’s gonna read, Daddy’s gonna read!” I told the kids that this was a very special book full of amazing drawings and paintings. I explained to them that all the pictures had to do with Noah, the man who built an Ark. Roy wanted to know what an ark was. Deborah knew the answer: “An ark is sort of a lifeboat. The people had been very naughty and then God made it rain very hard – so hard that the whole earth was flooded. But Noah built a boat and took the animals with him into the boat, so that he could save them.”
Utterly absorbed, we studied pen-and-ink drawings of majestic lions, sketches of cute little monkeys and paintings of bears and kangaroos making their way into the boat. We couldn’t get enough of it all. And that was when, sitting there on the couch in our living room with my kids, it just slipped out. THE PHRASE. The statement that was to transform my life. My dream, put into words. I looked at Deborah, stroked her cheek and said, “You know, honey?
Daddy’s gonna build an ark like that!”



The book is available in hard cover, soft cover and ebook format.

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